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    SUP boards

    SUPPING or Stand Up Paddling is a fast growing sport on the water. The board (the SUP) and your SUP paddle together form the most important parts of y ... Read more

    Set Descending Direction

    Set Descending Direction

    The SUPs come with bag and pump, but there are also sets with paddle, mast foot preparation for surfing or a seat. SUPs with the preparation for a seat can be used as a SUP kayak. The seat gives you more comfort on longer trips. SUPs are available in different versions, from shorter Allround SUPs, to longer Tour SUPs, to longer and often narrower Race SUPs. 

    Allround models offer a lot of stability and often have extra volume to accommodate the novice and recreational SUP rider. Touring and racing models are getting narrower and faster. Nice if you are going to do longer distances. But narrower also means more unstable. 

    Allround models are short and wide and have a lot of volume. This makes them extremely stable. These boards are intended for novice suppers, heavier people and people who want to carry extra weight, such as a bag, a child or a dog. 

    WindSUP models are also all-round boards, but also include a windsurf plug. You can place a windsurf sail on this. Ideal for the children and / or if you want to get acquainted with windsurfing. The board is also perfect for supping. 

    Touring models are made to make speed easy. They are longer and narrower than an all-round model. This shape allows you to speed up and these boards are more steady (so you don't have to switch sides with your paddle). Due to its dimensions, this model requires more from your balance. 

    Race models are even narrower and longer than a touring model and have a construction that makes them even stiffer. With these boards you can really make speed seriously. Due to the minimum width, this board requires technique and balance.